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From the Farm to Your Plate

For FreshPoint, local means produce harvested within 250 miles of our warehouse. In the last year we have made significant strides with innovative technology throughout our FreshPoint operating companies. We have reporting capabilities that trace the purchase from the local farm to the customer sale. Nationally, we are first on the scene with this technology in this industry. Our customers are looking for more information on their fresh produce and we are able to supply that through our technology for local, regional and national customers.

Leading the industry with our local produce traceability and reporting capabilities!

  • First to the market with active database
  • Traceability from local farm to customer sale
Over 500 small farmers have completed Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) workshops in the last four years. Workshops are staged by our team and industry partners, including the Produce Marketing Association, to help local suppliers understand and incorporate GAP requirements into their operations. Our customers are caring more and more about where their food is coming from and who is producing it. FreshPoint is an advocate sponsor of our local communities and farms. We understand that buying local produce strengthens our regional economies, helps support family farms, and provides delicious fresh from the field foods to our customers. FreshPoint’s vision and integrity have helped shape and preserve the local landscape. We are committed to supporting local produce delivery.

How do we do this?

  • Identify local farmers
  • Identify local availability
  • Market local products and farmers
  • Validate “food safe” practices
  • Ensure proper insurance coverage
  • Track and report local spend
It is clear that FreshPoint’s leadership in buying local can have an impact.

More Features

You now have options to:

  • Detailed and Summarized Usage Reports
  • Invoice Credit Inquiries
  • Customized Order Guides based on day, sequence & item
  • Detailed Order History
  • Detailed Shopping Cart visualizations
  • Customized & itemized inventory sheets
  • User assignment per department
  • Unlimited e-confirmations

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